No future without youth

This what is happening to the South African youth is the biggest misconduct done by adults in the history of our new democracy. How does anybody over the age of 60 think they will ever be able to control the social media, never mind operating an Apple or Android phone.
The future lies in these phones in order to control your life. Maybe there will be no newspapers but there will still be people that will gather the news and younger people who can cope with this new technology to get it to the people. This way we would not even need a Parliament where the President is missing. If he misses out on the discussion on Google or whatever drive system is being used, the people can vote on their cell phones and get rid of weak leaders. Getting the people who are capable of using the new technology in favour of getting better education, proper and efficient service delivery in all municipal areas, you get rid of the old generation that is not prepared to keep up with technology and what is happening in this country to get South Africa moving forward.
A situation where there is no dungeon to hide. A situation where you do not pick your favourite wife to impress the President of Russia. Only if the youth get the education that they hunger for will our new democracy come alive. At this stage the ruling party is reaping the honey. Unfortunately they kicked the hive and there are a lot of angry bees buzzing round the kicker’s head.
Without an educated youth with all the knowledge and training to add to the growth, both intellectual and in the skills to add value to the manufacturing sector, South Africa will lose out and become just another African nation that sunk into the tradition of a monarchy with one leader and his generals reaping the honey.
Time to stop welfare allowances and providing skills-development allowances, or the bees will soon get buzzing.