Economical Freedom – The African way

There is one thing that can not be denied, this is the fact that South Africa has the biggest resort of mineable minerals in this whole continent. There is only one problem. An awful amount of skills and engineering is required to bring it to surface. It does not only depend on the guy doing the drilling.
This is where the ruling party and the EFF miss out. These minerals do not pop out of the earth on its own. It requires skilled workers to get it out and transport it three kilometres out to the surface.
You require a skilled miner to detect the spots where the drilling should be done. Only after these calculations, for which you need a high level of literacy, the drillers are called in to drill the holes to set the cartridges for the explosives to get to the ore that carries the minerals.
This is not an easy way to get into mining. You can not get the explosive to be set correctly if you are only a driller. There must be somebody overseeing this to ensure that the operator drills in the right place.
The ruling party as well as the newly established EFF (Economically Freedom Party) has no concept about the skills required to get the ore to the surface. They know about the richness under the South African core, but unfortunately they cannot exploit it due to their own limited understanding of the basic thing of deep mining.
Both the ANC and EFF link these riches to economic freedom. To them this term means no education, no hard work and handing money out to their supporters according to their needs. Whether it is to get good housing, levelling a house worth millions to replace it with another more expensive one or using official aircraft for expensive overseas holidays.
Economical freedom advocate world wide the importance of individual choice, protection of personal property and respect for marketing principles.
Economical freedom should stimulate investment and employment. These factors lead to economical growth and with that a better future for all.
The policy of the ANC and the EFF to obtain economical freedom for the black masses by dispossession of property and the nationalising of banks and other business will lead to higher levels of unemployment which will increase the number of registered unemployed people on South Africa to 8,3 million during the course of this year. Poverty will increase and put South Africa in the same league of countries like Zimbabwe, Tsjad and the Democratic Republic o the Congo who have the lowest rates of economical freedom where growth is minimal, poverty growing, except for a small elite in the ruling political party.

Ref: Sakenuus Woensdag 15 Oktober