Administration to no effect

Not withstanding the fact that about six Provinsial Departments in Limpopo were placed under administration, nothing has changed and services are still as bad as you can expect from all the ANC cadre deployment in the executive positions as we experience in Thabazimbi.
People, including all Municipal officials in executive positions, including the TLM mayor, are not fit or qualified to do their jobs to secure better service delivery and to stop corruption in terms of tender-preneering. Failing to following the proper channels required by municipal law in terms of salary increases, production bonuses and approval of tenders, as well as the pay out of tenders before the jobs are even finished are just a few examples of a dysfunctional local government.
They make the most wonderful promises, as can be seen from the report on the Launch of the IDP/Budget Representative Forum 2015/16 (see page 2 of this issue). Unfortunately, if it was not for the mines doing all the work and supplying equipment, the TLM is useless in overseeing any project, keeping it within budget and keeping it functional and properly maintained.
The best example of this is the ongoing disaster of maintaining the refuge dumps in Thabazimbi and Northam. This is placing South Africa 350 years back into the future, except the fact that there was not any plastic refuse 350 years ago.
Wednesday, Mr Privan Gordhan, minister of co-operation and traditional affairs, said at a meeting in Midrand that Municipalities must switch to a higher and more efficient level of operating. He admitted to the high levels of corruption at municipalities and said that this leads to distrust of the communities.
The re-employment of corrupt officials at another municipality must also be addressed. He also mentioned that his ministry is awaiting reports on these officials.
Gordhan also announced the introduction of an electronic system to monitor municipalities to supply data from the municipal activities on a daily basis. He concluded by saying that his ministry will ensure that only competent people, with the required experience, will be deployed in these positions.
Unfortunately Gordhan admitted this will take a few years to implement. In the meantime we are stuck with incompetent ANC cadres which only assist us to sink deeper into the bile and muck of poor service delivery.