She was murdered

South Africa, who does not only claim to have the most open bill of rights for all its peoples, but which also opens the boil of abusing, especially the weakest of all, the elderly people on farms. Elderly people are attacked in rural areas, because it is a general conception that elderly people are rich. Sometimes, during these violent attacks, even old women get raped – those who stay alone on their property are easy targets.
This week we lost Christine (59). Woman who lived alone in her house, still part of the guest house bungalows setup. Before she was eventually killed, she was abused as a woman, not raped, but definitely violently treated in order to get their (attackers) loot – one month’s wages. In fact, stealing from their own fellow-employees.
We have lost one of the most loveable resorts owners. Rural African tradition propagates that, apart from your mother, men are in charge, women do not tell them what to do. You should not swear at a man’s mother in front of him or behind his back, but whatever happens to other women seems to be of no concern.
This sends out warning signals to our women ANC members of Parliament, as not all women are mothers to people following this tradition. Tradition can and must change to embrace culture, in order to survive in this forever-changing world of ours.
Just face the facts: Cape Town was not there when the Dutch landed to start a supplying landing for their ships on their way to the spice suppliers. Neither was there any farming activity nor any vineyards or any of the planted forests to supply the building material for this new country.
Bloemfontein was not an existing halfway stop from the Cape to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Those cities were not taken away from black people by the white people. They were built on property legally obtained by the new settlers, not colonials as the ANC so easily refer to.
The inland from where the Khosas settled on the eastern border of the Cape Province an the Zulu Nation settled in Kwazulu-Natal, laid barren.
There were no roads, bridges, railroads and no towns or cities, other than clay villages scattered around the country site. Not even at the places where development took place. Maybe these places referred to, are now somewhere in the greater city boundaries that exist today.
At the time that the Dutch settled in the Cape, the Bantustans were driving their enemies over the Zambesi River killing the minor tribes and colonising their property. History is full of true facts about how the advancing Groot Trek settlers wanted to get away from the British Colonialist for peace on their own land.
The British were colonising from the south while the bigger Bantustans were colonising from the North. The Afrikaaner Boere, who started developing this country to the status of still having the best infrastructure of all countries in Africa, were trapped between these two colonising groups. Who were the real colonising powers. The British or the strong black tribes.
Who is paying the most revenue to make this country work and to empower the government to hand out grants so freely – where does this money come from; Or is it the unions who lavishly spend their member’s contributions on themselves? The answer to this is the small business owners, like Christine. With the Game Lodge she was running she also provided jobs to the local community, as well as paying overrated taxes to the government.
Do you need to kill in the most horrible way just because it was not your mother?

Comment by Pieter Coetzee – Editor Kwêvoël