The all-new Toyota Etios Cross

Combining the rugged good looks of an SUV with the fluent drive, fuel efficiency and maneuverability of a hatch, the all-new Toyota Etios Cross is ready to write another chapter in this budget beater’s success story.
The expressive Etios family now comprises a sedan, a hatch, and the youthfully rugged Cross in its budget-oriented arsenal. Naturally it also comes with the globally renowned promise of Toyota’s QDR (Quality, Durability & Reliability) standards.”
In less than two years, Etios has racked up sales in excess of 45000 units and in the process has become entrenched in the South African automotive lexicon, regularly charting on the top three bestsellers list.
Etios can claim a number of ‘bests’, including taking the title for top-selling sub-B segment sedan as well as being Toyota South Africa’s best-selling passenger car range. In fact such is the success of Etios (currently sitting at close to 30% of the sub-B passenger car market) that Toyota has been able to recapture much of the Tazz sales volume that it enjoyed prior to the discontinuation of that model in 2007.
Boasting a 16-valve DOHC 1.5-litre engine, all models come standard with a five-speed manual transmission. Outputs are pegged at 66kW of power @ 5600 rpm and 132Nm of torque @ 3000 rpm. This translates into a 0-100km/h sprint time of 11,3 seconds for all models including the new Cross. An excellent power to weight ratio also contributes to its sparkling performance.
Space – the rear seat can be classified as a true 3-seater due to its expanded flat design which maximizes space, and improves ease of entry and exit for 3 adults. The rear floor is also flat, maximising the space for the passenger in the middle seat. In addition, the Etios boasts a multitude of practical interior storage spaces including seven cup holders that can accommodate 1-litre sized bottles as well as a 13-litre glove box with a cooling function. The sedan features a best-in-class boot capacity of 562 litres.
Thanks to a raft of body and cabin modifications and embellishments, the new Etios Cross allows buyers to tap into the tough image of an SUV without incurring the cost. With the focus firmly on practicality and efficiency, the Cross is just as user-friendly as its standard brethren but with the added robust appeal of a crossover.
The new Etios Cross is based on the Xs hatch, which is generously endowed when it comes to specifications.
Pricing (incl. 2-year / 30 000km service plan)