Thabazimbi upgrading of pump station and pipelines – phase 2 and 3

THABAZIMBI – The Thabazimbi Town was and is still experiencing water transmission problems and recently initiated a program to improve the water supply to Thabazimbi and Regorogile.
Thabazimbi Municipality budgeted an amount of R 5, 700, 000.00 for the first phase of this project during the 2011/12 financial year which has since been completed. Anglo American Kumba Iron Ore Thabazimbi mine is funding the second phase 2 of this project to the value of R24m. This project is currently under construction and the completion date is 28th February 2015.

Anglo American Platinum has also confirmed funding to the value of R20m for the third Phase of this project which will run concurrently with Phase 2 and is anticipated to be completed in April 2015.

Thabazimbi Local Municipality would like to reassure the community that these projects will be completed within the stipulated time-frames without failure given that Regorogile extension 5, Thabazimbi extension 37 and other extensions are experiencing water transmission problems resulting in unsustainable water supply, which is against the water services Act, National water Act and the constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

In phase 2 the scope of work that will be done are as follows:
In the Water Supply and Water Quality
• New chlorination system at pump station
• Package plant to treat borehole water

The Boreholes and Pipelines
• Replace bulk pipeline from borehole complex to pump station
At the Pump station
• Extend telemetry system
• Isolation of old pipeline
• Refurbish KSB multistage pumps and motors

Bulk Reticulation
• Establish and fix leaks on bulk pipeline that is below ground (400mm steel pipeline)
• Install air-valves on bulk pipeline from pump station to reservoirs
• Design and install a Cathode protection system for the bulk pipeline
• Install pressure reducing valves and zone meters
• Disconnect all zones connected directly to the bulk pipeline
• New isolating and reflux valves to control network

The reservoirs
• Change supply and delivery mechanisms at reservoirs and manifolds
• Clean and disinfect all 6 reservoirs
• Upgrade security fences around reservoir sites

And the management of the water use
• Replace faulty bulk water meters
• Install a telemetry system or network management

In PHASE 3 SCOPE OF WORK that will begin in 2015 will be that the existing sump is constructed above ground next to the pump station and is at the moment in poor condition resulting in numerous leaks.
The sump needs to be replaced. The following will be put in place.
* New bulk water storage facility and associated infrastructure with sufficient capacity (estimated to be at least 10 -20ml capacity) in line with the daily flow requirements and to act as storage when no water supply is experienced.
Thabazimbi Local Municipality will time to time inform the community about progress insofar as these projects are concerned. Water Technical Task Team constituted of officials from Thabazimbi Local Municipality, Anglo American Kumba Iron Ore Thabazimbi mine and Anglo American Platinum has been established to overseer these two projects.
This committee is chaired by Mr. CG Booysen, the Technical Services Manager who can be contacted on 082 333 4282/ 014 777 1525 (ext 155) or at for further clarity.