The Bushveld Babes did it again

KOEDOESKOP – The Bushveld Babes had a tremendous tenth anniversary and both the shows for Friday and Saturday, last week, were sold out.
This Cabaret, consisting of mature ladies from the Leeupoort-Koedoeskop region, has come a long way since their first show at Blinkwater Lodge. As usual they came up with a Glitter Show in all aspects, not only their costumes but the performance as well. All the costumes are locally manufactured and one can just think about the effort just to produce this magnificent show of colour and bling.
In the meantime their guests had their own cooler boxes packed with snacks and drinks and enjoyed a fun filled evening and a very special cabaret show. Since none of the girls has any formal training, they can be congratulated on the personal effort that contributed to a show well worth to see.
Proceeds, as in the past, will go to a charity operating in their community, and in this case it will be applied to help the local hospice organisation who tends to so many people that cannot help themselves. 19-Bushveld Babes 1 19-Bushveld Babes 2

“What Lola wants”, (photo below) a belly dance with lots of swinging hips really had the audience going as well as “l’m a good girl” (photo left) with all the glittering cat’s tails.