Trophy for Thabang

Hennie Pauw

THABAZIMBI – At the recently held Youth Festival in Thabazimbi, Thabang’s Marimba band won a trophy in the Best Band category.
Despite stiff competition from other bands, such as the Exclusive Brass Band and the Field Band, Thabang still came out tops.
The Youth Festival was presented by the recently established Child Protection Forum in Thabazimbi and speakers from as far as Polokwane were present. Youth organizations such as Love Life and Childline were represented, as well as the local VEP (Victim Empowerment Programme) centre, which operates from the police premises.
From the local CEPEHO (Centre for People with Hope) organization, Moses Pitso, made the heart rendering plea to youngsters to make education a priority and “focus on building great futures for themselves, rather than ruining their lives with drugs, alchohol and teen pregnancies”

17-Marimba with YF trophyThese marimba players from Thabang participated in Thabazimbi’s Youth Festival recently, and won a trophy for the best band.