Ek Joke Net 2! Soon in the movie theatres

You might think you’re just an ordinary citizen minding your own business, but when the “Candid Kings” are around, no one is safe! Ek Joke Net 2! is a candid camera movie of epic proportions, and with the newly established Comedic Actors ‘Commission, also known as K.@.K, everyone’s a target. Ek Joke Net 2, is opening at Ster Kinekor cinemas on the 1st of May.
One of the actors in this movie, Richard Lukunku, grew up in Setaria at Northam Platinum Mine in the Thabazimbi district and did his primary schooling at Platina Primary, an Afrikaans/English-medium school in neighbouring Swartklip. Due to the lack of English high schools in the district, he decided to further his studies at Grenville high school in Rustenburg. When he left school Richard completed a BA degree in Live Performance at AFDA and speaks English, French, Swahili, Afrikaans, Setswana and Zulu.
Richard is best known for his starring role as craft market manager Pascal Etana in the drama series Inkaba, as well as Detective Phaka on the crime drama series Mshika-shika. Both these television series aired on DStv’s Mzansi Magic channel in 2012 and 2013.
Richard has firmly established himself in the South African television industry and has appeared in a number of television series including The Mirage of Life, The Quest, Strike Back and Rhythm City.
He is no stranger to the silver screen either and has appeared in films such as Blink, Night Drive, History of America, Superhelde, Ek Joke Net!, Invisible Children, Skyf the Movie and Mister BOB.
As a well-intentioned citizen you’d always be willing to help out a fellow South African. But what happens when your good intentions turn out to be in vain when the situation escalates out of control and things go from bad to worse? And just when it seems all is lost, someone jumps out from behind a tinted window holding a camera in his or her hands… Suddenly reality hits and you realise that you’ve been pranked by the “Candid Kings”!
The pranksters from Ek Joke Net! are back for round two, and this time they’ve added a long line of names to their prankster “casualty” list. Under the banner of the newly established Comical Actors’ Commission (K.@.K) they prank their “prey” when they least expect it.
Students are caught up in the midst of a drug bust, a blind man asks innocent bystanders to help him buy condoms, video store assistants discover pornographic films in clients’ DVD cases and a well-known South African rock band is threatened by the police.
With brand new pranks, Ek Joke Net 2! is the best of its kind when it comes to candid camera entertainment. No one can hide from the K.@.K when they’re coming your way. From the creators of Ek Joke Net!, Pad na jou Hart and Agent 2000, comes Ek Joke Net 2!

16-Akteur Richard LukunkuPhoto left:

Richard Lukunku, one of the actors in this movie, grew up in Setaria at Northam Platinum Mine in the Thabazimbi district.