ANC-driven Municipality scores high

Pieter Coetzee

THABAZIMBI – By turning a meaningful meeting into a farce, the ANC driven Thabazimbi Municipality scored again by showing its true colours during an IDP Ward 2 meeting, held on Tuesday.

Instead of giving a financial report on what has been done to complaints noted during the IDP meeting held on 9 April 2013, the municipal manager, advocate Edward Ntsoane, tried to keep control of the meeting by giving a feeble lengthy report on these complaints without reference to financial implications of what has been done. Often just referring that the complaints received attention without mentioning whether the actual problem was solved or not. Most of these issues were low priority and would not have existed, had normal maintenance been done.

During the meeting he also could not answer the question of the chairman of the ratepayers association why they were not included in discussions in appointing a supplier for the new electricity meters installed in town, as was agreed upon by the municipal manager at a previous meeting.

This action was supposed to go out on tender but the municipal manager decided on his own accord to classify this as a pilot project with no predetermined cost implication passed onto the Thabazimbi ratepayers. This could implicate gross contraventions of municipal bylaws as well as a direct declaration that the municipality does not really care about the ratepayers’ demands for better service. It may also implicate that a supplier has already been appointed, as no one is going to take the risk of installing 600 electricity meters without some security of payment.

The absence of the mayor, Councillor Patricia Mosito, as well as the speaker, Councillor SG Matsietsa, was also questioned during the meeting.

Most of the concerned community members present, black and white, walked out before the conclusion of the meeting.