Aquila Steel SA lends a helping hand

THABAZIMBI – Aquila Steel (SA) Pty (Ltd) (Aquila) proudly sponsored the Spitskop Special Needs School in constructing an ablution facility for the pupils as well as three large classrooms.

Aquila Steel decided to investigate potential corporate social responsibility projects for the financial year 2013/14 and was soon after contacted by the Spitskop Special Needs School manager to make a plea for a contribution towards the expansion of the school’s infrastructure.

Although the school had not even been opened by that time, staff members expected that the school would open with 20 pupils with special needs and more would enrol in the school as soon as it became known to the public. Spitskop was to be the first and only special needs school within the municipal area with a population of more than 80 000 to open their doors.

At the time, the school had only received sponsorship from one generous private donor. After meeting with management and assessing the needs of the school, Aquila decided to sponsor the construction of much needed ablution facilities.

Aquila’s contribution became a catalyst for securing additional funding for infrastructure development. Aquila is, along with numerous other donors, a proud co-contributor to the construction of three large classrooms and ablution facilities for boys and girls. The project was chosen as it reflects Aquila’s commitment to the education of vulnerable members of society.

To mark the completion of construction of the ablution facilities at the end of September, an informal meet and greet session was held with school staff, school pupils, a representative of the Department of Education and as well as other parties who participated in the construction of the ablution facilities and classrooms at the school, including 3Q Concrete who contributed concrete as well as Muller Bouers who built the structure. All contributors were thanked for their generosity and Aquila was thanked for being the first company to believe in the school enough to make a contribution towards them.

The event was filled with fun for the children and an opportunity to interact with the pupils and teachers at the school. “Everyone was filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride in being a part of something greater than themselves,” Aquila’s spokesperson told Kwêvoël. “Aquila is proud to have been a co-contributor in this venture and is looking forward to long standing and productive relationship with all participants.”

41-Special need school

The Spitskop Special Needs School received various sponsorships to erect ablution facilities as well as three large classrooms.