Victims Empowerment Centre breaks circle of violence

THABAZIMBI – The Bokamoso Victims Empowerment Centre is a non profit organisation which is operating within the Thabazimbi Police Station. They provide the following services to the victims of crime and violence: overnight shelter, emotional and therapeutic support, post physical and mental support, counselling services, human rights awareness, support groups, HIV and Aids issues, follow-up on cases, debriefing and capacity building and case referrals.

The centre is situated at 16, Fourth Avenue, Thabazimbi and is charged with the responsibility to assist and support the Crime Victims Rights Week (CVRW) and arrange departmental activities.

The CVRW is a national inter-departmental campaign to empower victims of crime and violence as articulated in the Victims Charter issued by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJCD). The theme for 2013 is “empowering victims of crime to exercise their rights through community and government structures to prevent the circle of violence.

The Bokamoso Victims Empowerment Centre are currently recruiting members to supplement the team of dedicated men and women. Applications can be send to the project manager, Kopo Motshegwa on fax 014 777 3546 or email


Francinah Kedikilwe (coordinator), Dinah Mongadi (lay councillor), Ester Tuku (financial administrator) and Kopo Motshegwa (project manager).