Ongoing battle with illegal dumping

THABAZIMBI – “My waste, my responsibility”, this is the slogan Thabazimbi Local Municipality wants citizens of Thabazimbi to take to heart and live by, but unfortunately, the reality facing the community everyday, is the growing occurrence of illegal dumping.

Section 27 of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, states that no person may throw, drop, deposit, spill or in any other way discard any litter into or onto any public place, land, vacant property, stream, watercourse, street or road, or on any place to which the general public has access, except in a container or a place specifically provided for that purpose: or allow any person under that person’s control to do any of the acts contemplated.

The dumping of waste, household refuse or rubbish, is thus illegal when it is thrown on property belonging to private owners, such as the case with the dumping that is currently outraging the owners of extension 8 properties.

The act also states that an owner of privately owned land to which the general public has access, must ensure that sufficient containers or places are provided to contain litter that is discarded by the public; and that the litter is disposed of before it becomes a nuisance, a ground for a complaint or causes a negative impact on the environment.

Thabazimbi Local Municipality stated in their correspondence with Kwêvoël that the removal of illegal dumped waste in the extension 8 area, is thus not the municipality’s responsibility.

As for the waste removal in the area adjacent to Thaba Park, the municipality stated that they are working hard to keep that area clean and will keep on cleaning that premises.

By Estie Taljaard

35-Vullis strooiing

Illegal dumping is a growing concern for citizens in the extension 8 area.