Kearney and Kei keep walking

THABAZIMBI- Russell Kearney (50) and his best friend, four-legged 17 month old Kei, has been walking for the past six months, from Port Elizabeth anti clockwise along the entire perimeter of South Africa to write an autobiographical book on his many travels.

He walked through Thabazimbi over the weekend and found the community very inviting as well as friendly.

Russell, a cancer survivor and Kei, just as much a survivor, being the runt of a sick litter and later surviving parvovirus, shares one backpack and one amazing journey.

Once Russell has finished his year-long 6000km journey he will sit down for three months and write a book of all his travelling experiences, adventures and life threatening encounters he endured while he was walking, called Keep Walking Inspired by Faith, Hope and Love.

In past years Russell had walked the coastline of Namibia to Mozambique three different times for the Save-A-Pet and Age In Action charities. He has walked 16 000 km to date.

The duo walk 500km a month and are completely depended on the kindness of people for accommodation, which is a little difficult due to the fact that most have a “no dog” policy, but in some cases the rules are bent to accommodate Kei, a loving healthy cross between a pit bull and ridgeback.

After his book is released he plans to donate half of the proceeds to the Birds of Paradise, the bird sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay and Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth, two of the charities that is closes to his heart.

Russell said that this journey tests you emotional, mentally and physically. He has never been mugged, but had a few close encounters with cars on the road. The biggest challenges are the weather and elements. Aggressive dogs that want to get at Kei, also pose a problem. But the challenges are what keeps him going, everyday. Russell said Kei enjoys walking with him and he looks well after his best friend.

35-Russell Kearney

Russell Kearney, together with his best friend, Kei, travelled through Thabazimbi this week.