SASSA distributes food to 500 families

Joshua Motsomane

SMASHBLOCK – The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) distributed food to 500 needy families on Friday 19 July.

The Department of Social Development, undertook a Zero Hunger programme in response to the crisis of poverty-stricken citizens in South Africa. The framework for the Zero Hunger programme was derived from the Brazilian Zero Hunger model, which had proved to be an effective strategy in addressing and combating hunger.

The foods were distributed at Smashblock, Regorogile and Skierlik communities. In spite of poverty alleviation policies and programmes since 1994, there were still high levels of hunger, poverty, reliance on social grants, unemployment and decrease in food production. The distributions will be maintained for six months.

The key objectives for this sector were to: ensure food access to the vulnerable sectors of society, improve nutrition security and food production capacity and foster partnerships with all stakeholders within the food supply chain.

The nutrient content of the food parcels were discussed, as the communities receiving these parcels were already suffering from severe malnutrition. The transparency and governance over this initiative in terms of identifying the correct beneficiaries and the handing over of these food parcels were of extreme importance. The entire process from profiling, bulk procurement and distribution required a system that could stamp out any chance of corruption.


One of the beneficiaries of the Zero Hunger programme at Skierlik informal settlement, with a load of food.