TLM IDP/Budget 2013/14 Public Participation consultation kick-start

Joshua Motsomane

THABAZIMBI – The Mayor of Thabazimbi, Cllr Patricia Aletta Mosito came face to face with some of the challenges facing residents in Skierlik, Rooiberg, Raphuti, Northam and Thabazimbi town during the first IDP/Budget meetings the past weeks.

During this process, she was accompanied by councillors, ward committees, management of the municipality and other stakeholders.

The IDP/Budget 2013/14 Public Participation process started on 2 April 2013 and will run until 30 April 2013.

The main objective of the presentation is to give feed back to the communities and get some of their  needs, which would culminate, into ward cluster priorities that will ultimately be consolidated into TLM priorities and to educate the communities on how they should be involved in the process of decision making of the local municipality.

Residents in these areas were given time to come forward with their grievances before the Mayor, councillors and Management.

Some of the issues raised were lack of employment, recreational facilities (sports ground and community hall) in Northam, speed humps, pre-paid electricity meters especially in town and lack of electricity in an informal settlement of Skierlik, road maintenance and lack of cemeteries.  Lack of RDP houses, high water bills, refuse removal and illegal dumping sites, unfenced sewer in Rooiberg, daily on-streets lights during the day, shortage of water at Thabazimbi extension 37 and the valuation roll are some of issues raised by the community of the abovementioned areas.

In response, Cllr PA Mosito said that the residents should give the municipality time to implement an IDP programme that would lead to the improvement of lives of the people. The issues noted were identified in terms of their frequency in most proceedings. The Mayor and the Municipal Manager responded to some issues that needed immediate answers during the meetings.

They invite community members to join them as they will be proceeding with this programme at Sekgweng Intermediate School on 20 April 2013, Smashblock on 21 April 2013 and Dwaalboom on 28 April 2013 and lastly the stakeholders or IDP Rep Forum on 30 April 2013 at Marakele EE Centre. All meetings will start at 10:00.

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Mayor Patricia Mosito addressing community during the IDP meeting at the town library.