Hissing cobra pinches ride in a taxi …

THOHOYANDOU – A taxi driver was relaxing and preparing to take his second load of the day, when an unwelcome visitor appeared from nowhere …

The hissing sound of a snake was heard by one of the passengers who, after a closer look, was greeted by the nasty look of a two-metre cobra staring at him. The snake’s head was protruding from just behind the driver’s seat.

The incident happened at a busy taxi rank in Thohoyandou last Wednesday in a Maniini bound taxi. The hissing snake sent commuters panicking and running for dear life.

It took the courage of a young Zimbabwean man who, after sprinkling petrol on the snake, grabbed it by its neck and pulled it out of the taxi. The snake was left to the mercy of the commuters, who used anything they could lay their hands to hit the snake. Within minutes, the snake was dead and a large crowd had gathered to have a glimpse at the long reptile.

Many things were said about the unwelcome visitor at the taxi rank. “This is pure witchcraft. How can such a big snake get into a taxi that transported people only a few minutes ago? The driver must consult a traditional healer, because someone with dreadful intentions must be after him,” said Mr Aifheli Mudau

Mr Mashau Masindi, a mechanic, said it is not unusual for snakes to be found under cars. “It is now winter and snakes find cars warm; it is easy for them to coil themselves under the engines. There should be no panic about that,” he said. – LiN News/Limpopo Mirror


A brave bystander holds the big cobra, while a huge crowd watches in amazement.