Mayor Mosito’s Easter Message

On behalf of Thabazimbi Municipality, we wish all community members and all people who will be travelling in and out of towns a safe and refreshing Easter break this coming weekend.

We know that this is a sacred time of family reunions, religious festivities and consecrations especially for those who worship in the Christian faith.

Many of you will be travelling to various destinations to meet your loved ones. We wish you a true moment of peace, reflection and of touching the lives of those around us.

We must make the 2013 Easter weekend a turnaround weekend, one in which we actually reduce carnage on the roads. It all depends on each road user.

We strongly appeal to all road users to be pleasant, patient, considerate and extra-vigilant in their journeys. Similarly, in our indulgences and high spirits, we should not drink and drive. Drivers must obey all the rules of the road at all times.

We wish all community members of our Municipality a truly peaceful and blessed Easter. Let us return to our various work places safe and reinvigorated to continue building our Municipality, the economy and its people.

The message of Easter is the resurrection of hope. Passover marks the celebration of freedom. Let us use this time of spiritual upliftment to strengthen our resolve to work for a better future for all South Africans so that we live up to the true meaning of these holy occasions. Working together, we can do more.

– Issued by: Communications Unit: Thabazimbi Municipality.

13-Cllr PA Mosito-Mayor

Thabazimbi Local Municipality Mayor Patricia Aletta Mosito.