Burst water gauge and air valves repaired

Joshua Motsomane


THABAZIMBI – Part of Thabazimbi town and all Regorogile extensions experienced unplanned water interruptions from Friday to Saturday and on Sunday to Monday.

The Y-piece connecting town and Regorogile residential areas burst its gauge and air valves on Friday night. The repairs run for the better part on Friday night and Saturday noon, said Sup Water for the Municipality, William Majadibodu.

The interruptions were also on Sunday after the main water pipeline burst and that affected the whole Thabazimbi town and Regorogile all extensions.

The breakage caused interruptions of water supply to residents and business at large. TLM Water Services in partnership with Aqua Plan and Anglo American Kumba officials worked around the clock to repair the leakage.

Thabazimbi Municipality wishes to apologise to all residents for the inconveniences caused. They further thanked their Water Services officials, Kumba Anglo American and Aqua Plan officials for the assistance they offered to our Municipality and community at large. The Municipality urges consumers to use water sparingly.

See Franco Loot’s video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXKN_16oHpw&feature=plcp

Mr William Majadibodu, Sup Water at the Municipality in the middle, helping team water services with the repair of leakages.