AIDS and Abuse awareness at Rooiberg

ROOIBERG – A meeting at the Rooiberg Community Hall with the theme Stop child and women abuse combined with the AIDS awareness campaign, was held on Friday 7 December 2012.

Among the guests were the Captain Of Rooiberg SAPD and Compere w/o Mudzili, witness speaker Sonika Taljaard, singer at ligting of candles Jenny Taljaard: KG and assistants from the Social Welfare, Department of Health and Members from the Rooiberg clinic, community of Rooiberg and the school children who were involved in the items and plays and music.

The organisers would like to thank their generous sponsor who gave refreshments for over 200 adults and children. According to the organisers the day was an enormous success and they would like to give a word of thanks to all who were involved, without whom the function would not have been possible.

Children of Rooiberg Pre-school with a high school student.