Brilliant performance by TCS

THABAZIMBI – The Thabazimbi Christian School held their annual stage performance at a full Kumba Hall last Thursday 27 November.

The learner’s performance was brilliant and everybody took part in the play, from young to old. The school gives thanks to Kumba mine for their unconditional cooperation to ensure they can reach out to the community as a whole.

Their presentation this year had as its theme: “Our Redeemer is born.” Caring parents, family members and friends once more enjoyed a robust, joyful and touching rendition of the well-known Christmas Story, beautifully presented by predominantly the very young; Grades R to Grade 4.

Interspersing, and providing the impromptu and often unexpected humour were the (almost sub-zero) 2 and a half to 4 year olds. Both these groups were adequately and professionally supported by dance and song items which were beautifully rendered by senior students, as well as very touching songs rendered by Students and Teaching Staff combos.

Descriptions do not do justice to the amazing standard of the performances or to the innovative costumes enhanced by simple, yet effective, décor.

The organisers invite the community to next years’ annual performance. Photographs provided.

These “living” Christmas trees sang and danced their way across the stage to everybody’s delight.