Second group of councillors trained in computers

By Joshua Motsomane

THABAZIMBI – Thabazimbi Municipality continued training its councillors on 23 and 24 October on how to use computers.

A similar training was provided previously to other councillors. Mr Terrence Sakwe of DBSA presented the training.

The purpose of this programme is to encourage the description of the basic elements of a computer-based information system. It is also to demonstrate how to utilise computer applications commonly found in the municipal and public environment. Another purpose of the programme is to help the councillors to identifying opportunities to use the computer as a management tool.

The councillors were shown how to type, save and download information from a computer. There were also many programmes that were offered and presented to them.

The Local Government Network (LGNet) and Local Government Resource Centre (LGRC) was not left out during the training. The LGRC is developed as a support tool to help municipal councillors and officials fulfil their developmental responsibilities and duties.

As a new term of local government begins, this practical one-stop resource is now extended to a much wider local government audience by making it also accessible through the internet.

The vision is to promote this practical one-stop electronic resource more widely as the single coordinated online resource for the sector, with the active support of the partner organisations.

“More training will be organised to equip councillors to do their work more effectively”, said Cllr RC Du Preeze in his closing remarks. He further thanked all councillors for availing themselves during the training session.

Councillors during their computer training.