Woman dies after taking aphrodisiac

A 23-year-old woman from Mbongolo village outside Beit Bridge, who took an aphrodisiac before engaging in sex with her husband, died from “too much sexual pleasure,” police have said.

The victim, Janet Moyo, took the stimulant after complaining to her husband that she was “not enjoying sex”. Local police spokesperson Insp Emmanuel Mahoko said the incident occurred on Thursday last week. “She took the powdered concoction before going to bed on 19 July, but died suddenly after making some strange sounds.”

Mahoko said police officers were called to Mbongolo village after reports that a woman had died suddenly. “Police who attended the scene recovered the powdered concoction, which the victim had used before getting into bed with her husband. We are continuing with our investigations,” he said.

According to the victim’s neighbour, Moyo had become disillusioned with lovemaking after telling her husband, Mr Takaenda Zhou, that she was not enjoying it. The couple had recently married.

“She consulted a local traditional healer, who normally assists both men and women in our village in that regard, and was given the concoction. It backfired, however, when she started making strange sounds during sex with her husband and died in the process, possibly of too much sexual pleasure,” the neighbour said.

According to the victim’s husband, the police took the concoction and “we are still waiting for the post mortem to ascertain what caused her death.” – LiN News/Limpopo Mirror