Upgrading of Thabazimbi Waste Water Treatment Works

By Joshua Motsomane

THABAZIMBI – The Thabazimbi Local municipality has allocated R84 420 534 for the expansion of the Thabazimbi Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW), in Thabazimbi. The project is due for completion in 2014,“Today we are pleased to announce that we are upgrading the Thabazimbi Waste Water Treatment Works from 3Ml/d to 6,5Ml/d at a cost of R84 420 534 all-inclusive,” said Mayor Mosito during the sod turning ceremony. The capacity of the works has been exceeded as the contributing has increased significantly. This has led to the situation where the effluent from the works does not comply relevant quality standards. “It is therefore the Municipality’s objectives to upgrade the existing WWTW to ensure that the current and future required treatment capacities are met”, said Mr Gopolang Booysen, Technical Services Manager of Thabazimbi Municipality.

“We further like to thank the private sector for the enormous contribution in infrastructure development most importantly our partnership with Anglo American Platinum and Northam Platinum in building a waste water treatment plant in Northam, job creation and large scale impact on the socio-economic development of our communities” said Mosito.

The municipality points out that the upgrade to the sewer scheme will ensure that it improves Green Drop compliance. It is envisaged that this project will create more than 100 job opportunities and most importantly in the EPWP Infrastructure Sector.  We urge the assistance of the Department of Public Works in identifying further the items that can be implemented using labour intensive methods to create more job opportunities.

“We cannot do everything, but still we can do something, and because we cannot do everything we will not refuse to do the something that we can do, together we can do more,” concluded Mosito. Engineering, management and specialist technical services provider Aurecon and KSMD Consulting Engineers were tasked with the design and construction monitoring of the extension works, comprising new inlet works with screens, grit channels, upgrading of balancing tanks, secondary clarifier, various pump stations, sludge drying beds, etc, the upgrade also include the upgrading of outfall sewer pipelines to 450mm concrete pipes and construction of berm wall as well as concrete channels gabions.The project will also allow housing developments to take place, as the system will have increased capacity.

The responsibility to accelerate service delivery does not rest with Local Municipality alone, but also the Private Sector. These goals must be achieved without compromising the ecological sustainability of water resources as a result of the poor conditions of our Waste Water Treatment Works discharging non-standard effluent.

Thabazimbi Waste Water Treatment Works has achieved 52% in the 2012 Green Drop Progress Report. With the upgrading of the Thabazimbi Waste Water Treatment Works and the construction of a new Waste Water Treatment Works in Northam, we aim to achieve 100% after 2014 when these plants are completed.

Regulation is important to ensure effective and efficient delivery of sustainable water services. It clarifies the requirements and obligations placed on Water Service Authorities thereby, protecting consumers from a potentially unsustainable and unsafe service.

The green drop certification incentive based regulation seeks to identify and develop the core competencies required for the sector that if strengthened, will gradually and sustainably improve the level of wastewater management here and elsewhere. The ceremony was attended by amongst others councilors, officials from the municipality, Coghsta, Anglo American-Platinum mine, contractors and community members.

Mayor Mosito leading councilors with the sod turning of the ground for the upgrade of the Thabazimbi Waste Water Treatment Works.