WESfeeds at Farmers Day

The farmers of Tladistad during the WESfeeds presentation on Farmers Day.

TLADISTAD – Charlene Clarke and Ems Strydom from WESfeeds in Thabazimbi did a powerpoint presentation in Tladistad for the Obaro farmers day on 28 June 2012.

The presentation focused on general animal nutrition, the digestive system of the different animal groups and on some of WESfeeds animal feeds such as their winter lick, summer lick, osma and cattle complete (volvoer). The presentation consisted of easy-to-understand diagrams and photos to make it more interesting.

The group of farmers, as seen in the photographs, spoke Tshwane and could not understand English very well. Therefore WES made use of a translator for the presentation.

They received good feedback from the farmers, farmers’ societies and Obaro’s Patrick Sekwatlakwatla who originally approached WES to do the presentation. The people found it insightful and informative and it was a “reminder of the fundamentals of good animal health and condition”.