So predictable

Week 30 – 27 July 2012


Hendrik Verwoerd

No investigation was needed to come to the conclusion that the lack of schooling facilities and the non-delivery of text books will be blamed by government on incompetence due to the previous regime (Ref; Kwêvoël 20 July page 4: “67 Minutes”).

Our own educated President, Mr Jacob Zuma, claimed Tuesday during an interview on Talk Radio 702, that since it was mainly black schools that were affected by the non-delivery of text books, the legacy of Hendrik Verwoerd of using education as instrument to withhold centuries of black children from development, still continues. For those who have only heard of apartheid and never experienced it, this happened about 45 years ago as Verwoerd was murdered in September 1966. Zuma continued by saying that a lot of teachers still come from the Verwoerd-era and that their attitude towards education needs to be changed.

It is very unlikely that officials in the department of education are carriers of the apartheids ideology which means that Zuma’s only most likely culprit is his minister of education, Angie Motshekga, who is the link to the “Verwoerd-era of education” in undermining the education of black children.

Every finger points to the ANC and their cadre deployment in all the state departments and municipalities for their poor performance in service deliveries en the openly squandering of ratepayer’s money on themselves.

The problems in education are part of the ANC’s legacy due to the poor quality of training of teachers and the appointment of incompetent people in executive positions, and not that of Verwoerd.

This same line can be followed through to the provincial governments and local municipalities who try to run a highly developed infra structure on the knowledge of a layman and with no qualified workers to do the job properly, including the financial management skills to do it effectively for the better of all tax payers.

The mayors and councilors should realize that their income comes from the rate payers who pay for municipal services as well as their property taxes. These are the people who keep them in their positions and they are not necessarily the people who voted for them.

This vote will swing if the local governments fail to change their attitude of “executives” who claim these services income and tax money as their own hard earned money.

This money belongs to the community and must be spend as such. All municipal workers and officials should realise that they work for the community that pays their salaries and not for the government.