Nobody to clean the house

Week 31 – 3 August 2012


ANC Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale

One would assume that when you expect important visitors at your home, you would clear all the rubbish, get the dirty dishes out of the way and polish the floors to make a good impression on your visitor. At least, this was the way that I was brought up and still do.

The care that you take towards a neat, organized and well kept home should be reflected by the street you live in and overall, the town that you live in. Looking at the ANC road show that passed through Thabazimbi on Monday, one might get the impression that somewhere along the line people have seemed to loose track of this.

People flocked to Thaba Park to see President Zuma. He did not show up but was replaced by the provincial President. There was no sign that he or any of the municipal executive officials were bothered about the fact that across from the SAPD admin offices, ‘n pile of rubbish, some not even in refuge bags, laid scattered on the pavement. The municipality workers were just not bothered to do any work since the “President is coming to town”.

This political rally, embracing the ANC’s 100 years existence, was also done with tax payers’ money as there was no service at the municipal offices, where staff, which is paid by the tax payers’ money, simply evacuated their posts. Then we do not mention the barricade of police and municipal vehicles that escorted the entourage from the police office to the cemetery and back to Thaba Park. This includes throwing all rules aboard like traffic officers leading a procession also consisting of motorbikes and their drivers without safety helmets. Why should there be two sets or rules. One for ANC flag bearers, and another for the general public?

Is it alright to have a road show to impress supporters and not caring that the stage is not clean and setup to impress the visitors? Up to now the rubbish still has not been cleared. Nobody even bothers to catch up on the work that they have missed out on. This is definitely not a good example to build a future on.