Bushmen artist from Setaria

Cry Machete (25) is a young upcoming artist from Setaria.

SETARIA – Cry Machete (25), a painter from Setaria, is known for his colourful portrayings of African-scenes.

His main focus is wall paintings. “I really like nature, I don’t think people see the world like I see it, but I’m just 25 years old, I don’t know how I’m going to see the world after 7 years.” He said to Kwêvoël.

Cry started drawing at the tender age of six. He told Kwêvoël that he used to capture scenes from the clouds and tell his mother what he sees, but his mother couldn’t understand his creativity and thought that her son was going crazy. Cry’s mother sadly passed away when he was only ten years old, before she could even realize his great talent.

He started his artistic career as a young painter, painting pictures on lodges at Botswana where people loved his work.

He met a charitable samaritan who paid his boarding school and art school fees after seeing his talented work. He came in contact with Bushmen dances, which he found overwhelmingly enjoyable at the school he attended. During the vacations he painted for his trustee and soon became very good at drawing. He started drawing different types of portraits. Another hidden talent which soon became apparent was his singing. He sings African Setswana Bushmen music and have more than five tracks recorded. He plans to use Kudu horns at his next show.

When Cry speaks of Setaria, he speaks of a place where artists are born. His big dream is to shoot a movie or love story in the nice, beautiful backdrop of Setaria.

Cry has many goals in life, one of which is to teach white people to dance African Setswana Bushmen dances. His hope is to make a positive change and to make people happy with his art. He can be contacted on 078 032 7985.