e-toll and collapse

Week 17 – 27 April

The implementation of Gauteng’s e-tag toll gates as well as the legislation concerning the whole system shows the desperation of local government to lay their hands on every bit of hard earned money of the public they are supposed to serve. They have exploited virtually every channel of corruption and have run out of ideas for filling their own pockets, rather than providing a decent service to their communities and earn a justified income from that. The small business sector and the farmers have already been depleted. The next aim? The motorists are still there to be sucked dry.

Just like the Lotto, outsiders who want to retire on a system that they sold to the government, have done it again by running the Gauteng Toll system. It is one thing to make use of overseas expertise, but totally another to pay them commission for the lifespan of the system. One can only assume that since the European countries are used to bribery in all transactions with African states, some local officials or their family has scored with this deal.

For government officials and other citizens in affirmative positions, these toll taxes will have an insignificant effect as they already earn more than what their input to the economy and society are worth. The rest of the motorists are dependant on these roads to get to their work places and earn a justified salary. They cannot afford the additional road tax and will be forced to resign from their jobs. This last remaining core of productive workers will be lost to the economy and the businesses where they worked might stare closure in the face after loosing reliable workers.

The court has not even given a verdict on the legality of the introduction of these toll roads but that did not stop the government, who eagerly got onto the bandwagon, by declaring a price hike of 18 cents per liter from next week. Gauteng is not the only local government that makes decisions on how to get rid of the well earned money of its taxpayers. Many decisions taken in the municipal chambers are unconstitutional and full of flaws. General guidelines for the approval of budgets, granting of tenders and pay outs, are not followed or are basically just ignored.

There is still no apparent evidence that the ANC has made any move to curb corruption and with their cadres deployed in all the municipal executive positions, the writing is on the wall, indicating the total collapse of the entire South African economy.