Mass attendance at Speakers’ funeral

Mayor PA Mosito and Dr FM Senatle leading the pall bearers to the hall.

THABAZIMBI – Cllr Buti Solomon Mothoa who died on Monday 9 April 2012 was buried Saturday, 14 April.

The Thabazimbi Municipality Communication Unit issued a media release stating:

”Despite having joined the Council only mid last year, at the time of his death he had left a mark as one of the most dedicated representative in the Council. He took his work seriously, perhaps because he understood that he was part of a delegation of 23 member councillors/ leaders representing the voice of the community of Thabazimbi.

As the Speaker of Thabazimbi Municipality, he had the unenviable task of championing the interests of the people of his municipality.

Being the Pastor and the councillor were two responsible positions that made him to have good intentions to make sure that Moral Regeneration of his constituency is well boosted.

Cllr Buti Solomon Mothoa had the ability to disarm his opponents through his humble disposition.”