Nothing like the rainbow

Week 12 – 23 March 2012

South Africans like to refer to themselves as the Rainbow Nation, which in itself is a very flattering comparison referring to the rainbow with its multi colours which in unity create one of the most wonderful sights on earth.

These colours reflect in accordance with nature’s laws, which cannot be altered or redefined. Each colour has its own properties and does not dominate any of the other colours since their primary source, the sun, regulates each frequency in this prism of colours. As one, they shine bright to form the light that makes life possible on earth.

The same can be said about the different nations living as one nation in this country. As the Rainbow Nation, no colour should dominate another, whether it is the colour of your skin or the colour of your culture. The effect of this has already been experienced a number of times in the short history of South Africa.

Just as there are defined differences in the colours of the rainbow, there are different colours to each and every culture that makes up this Rainbow Nation, and like the colours in the rainbow, a single culture cannot dominate another culture unless that culture goes against the normal laws laid down for non discriminative behaviour towards fellow citizens by infringing on their rights and privacy. It means that you are not free to do whatever you want and that you are above the law and the constitution that binds this Rainbow Nation together.

No culture can blame the other for not sharing the same sentiments about things like public holidays or cultural festivals. If respect, by your definition, entails that others must respect your culture but you do not need to do the same in return, your colour is fading and you do not fit into the spectrum of colours that make up the full rainbow. These colours include everything in South Africa’s constitution like equal opportunities for all and no discrimination based on any person’s sexuality or sexual preference.

By altering the constitution to suit the political expectations of the governing party or their followers, shows contempt for the constitution that brought so many people of different cultures together in one country where everybody could feel safe and protected.

This disregard reflects in the unacceptable high levels of innocent people getting murdered, women and children whose rights are abused as well as in the natural resources that are destroyed through incapable and corrupt government officials.

This is the time to stand together and re-affirm our commitment to the constitution to demand the services that we as tax payers are entitled to, from, government and local municipalities.