Thabazimbi’s water crisis reaches its peak

THABAZIMBI – The ongoing water problem, which has been one of Thabazimbi community member’s greatest concerns, reached its peak when the Thabazimbi Municipality announced on Wednesday 22 February 2012 that they are obliged to implement water restrictions.

According to spokesperson Mr Joshua Motsomane, there was an attempted cable theft at Group 12 which caused damage to the cable, therefore the pump wasn’t able to operate as expected. The Electrical and Water services are currently working on the matter. The water restriction was implemented due to the prevailing heat and dry weather conditions prompting the high usage of water as well as necessary maintenance work to be carried out.

Thabazimbi Municipality notified residents to seize the irrigation of gardens as from Wednesday 22 February until Wednesday 7 March 2012. Residents who have boreholes may use groundwater for irrigation.