1000km Ride for Reef

Well the time has come to close off one of the best chapters of my life. Maybe closing off is wrong but should I rather say move on to the next Reefie challenge and use what I have learned from this one to go forward.

I have been so blessed on this trip it’s hard to say how many times but I was. People have asked so many times why Reef why not someone else and it only hit me now why Reef was the one and it’s because if the Heavenly Father wants you to do something, you shouldn’t fight it, you should do it. I remember last year preparing this trip and I already knew that I wanted it to be for a charity but didn’t know the exact charity yet, but you know how God works, I can’t tell you how many different emails I received involving Reef, many! I deleted a lot of them until it all hit me like a ton of bricks, Reef is my man that God has chosen us to help. But boy did I still have it wrong, yes Reef was the one to help but he wasn’t the only one. Little did I know that Reef and his family had their part to play, they were going to be helping me in so many ways and this I will be forever grateful.

17 days, 1016km, 3 punctures, 3 days rain, too many tears of joy, far too many smiles and laughs, a lot of great people, missed my family, huge amount of support, a lot of inspiration from my Father above. All for one primary purpose: to add to a young lad life who has added so much to mine.

Going into this trip I knew it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, knowing that my weight will play a big factor, the weight of my bags will be a factor and was I fit enough, which I wasn’t. I think I only reached the fitness levels that I was supposed to be when I started on day 7, but when I got on the bicycle and I focused on what I was there for, nothing was going to stop me and as I rode, man, the Lord worked with me showing me where and what to do in my life. I have an awesome future ahead of me with this renewed faith in me. This is the biggest learning curve that I have to get through, as you know old habits die hard but I have a new weapon in my corner and its called the blood of Jesus I know the road ahead is not easy but ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

and I am willing to give this my all.

Reef, one day is one, I will meet you and your sister and parents. When I give you that big hug I want to let you know that you have a special place in my heart. You have let me learn what family love is. I look at my family and I think how much more I could have given them, you showed me that doesn’t matter what, who or where ever you are, that love for one another is the most spectacular thing that bring a family together and through that love you can conquer anything. Thank you my new found buddy. Thank you Lydia and Ryan.

Now as we know Grannies and Grandfathers are not here for nothing. They have a job to do as well and wow can Reef be proud of his Grandparents. You are truly awesome people you are in so many ways truly inspirational. I don’t even have words to thank you for the gifts I received at the end of my ride. You really made my ride all the better.

Dad, Mom, now here I have a lot of sucking up to do. I don’t think I could ever tell you how much I appreciate you guys. You have laid the foundation of my life yes I know I have done wrong but the biggest thing I haven’t done is to say thank you enough for my life. Thank you for the wonderful parents you are. Deon your words Sunday wow thank you. Never change who you are Great brother great husband great father. Ursula thank you for all your kind messages and I know you wanted to be with us but couldn’t.

My friends Chevenné Pistorius, Cornelia Wolmarans, Mark Olefse, Beverly to name but a few thank you so much for all you help and support and Mark for flying down to the end to see us finish and then fly back wow thank you. Oom Dawie for riding with me from the start and at the end. Beverly for your hard work in Dundee and Chevenne and Cornelia for what you have done and what we still have to do.

To everyone I have not thanked or mentioned your truly inspiring comments each day thank you.

Last but not least to my wife, Charne, son Devon and daughter Rachel, I just want to tell you that Dad is a bit different now I have found this new urge in life to love, to make things better, you guys are the most important part of my life and I love you with all my life and nothing will ever change that.

Wow and that is it. We are planning something special for the handing over of the money to Reefs Grandparents. We will start collecting next week. Watch this space.

So here we are at the end of this chapter but it by far not the last one. We have so many things planned but I can’t speak yet and all goes to Reef.

For now for me its a weeks’ rest. Then training for the Argus, starts any pledges anyone?

Take care and God Bless until we chat soon.

Darrel Jennings

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