Reason for poor results at Mabogopedi High School

Mabogopedi is always producing poor results and learners are often blamed for that, which is very wrong because in my eyes, teachers of Mabogopedi are not committed and they don’t care about their learners.

If those learners are not committed how can they be able to be taught by other learners for more than five hours without the presence of the teacher?

I was very surprised when my sister came home at 18:49 on 1 February 2012. I asked her where she comes from? She said, from school. I thought she was lying and asked who was teaching her? She said another boy. I asked her whether or not he’s a teacher and she said that he only completed matric last year. Apparently there was no teacher with them. How can it be? A Grade 12 to be taught physical science by another learner for more than five hours without a teacher. I asked her if they asked the boy to assist them with something or did the teacher order them to be taught by the boy. She then said that the teacher told them to remain with that boy for extra classes. He told them that if they were to leave, they must know that they are going to fail because those things will be included on their test.

Then I was totally confused, because according to me, this is very wrong. Maybe the department knows about it, I don’t know. Parents, what are you saying about this? Imagine a kid going to school 06:52 coming back home 18:49. Don’t they need time to rest? Who will wash their uniforms?

A very concerned sibling