More ridiculous than incredulous

Week 6 -10 Februarie 2012

As if not enough, another bunch of incredulous, useless and unnecessary laws proposed by the ANC, are on their way through Parliament.

The main one that stands out as totally ridiculous is the proposed law that no liquor may be sold to pregnant women. Fine, pregnant ladies should, for the wellbeing of the fetus, avoid the consumption of alcohol completely. At this time of existence on earth, this fact should already have been general knowledge to all earth dwellers, unless you have been stuck out in the Amazon Jungle with no knowledge of alcohol brewages in any case.

Is this how far our ANC government and its followers are behind the times to feel it necessary to introduce, at high cost, a stupid law like this? Why rather not enforce the selling of cigarettes and other tobacco products to pregnant women, which is far more harmful, or make a visible effort to get rid of all the unlicensed shebeens?

Speak to any medical doctor and it will be verified that the most critical time for the infant as far as alcohol abuse is concerned, is the first few weeks of pregnancy, before it even shows and before a woman might even realise that she might be pregnant. So if you want to play around with unprotected sex, bear the consequences as well and do not rely on the government to prevent you from holding your infant’s life at risk. This is just an easy way to create income opportunities for the jobless masses by creating a way to suck money out of innocent businessmen or shop owners.

The next one in line is to make English, the colonial language which takes all South Africans way back to the old Colonial days and which still leaves bad memories of slavery, abduction and racism for the black population, the preferred language, plus two indigenous languages – Afrikaans excluded as indigenous language – for official use in South Africa. Afrikaans is an indigenous language like all the other nine black indigenous languages. It was already acknowledged as a language that could make its stance as a law and academic language, side by side with any other academic language globally, even before the apartheid regime of the former Nationalist Party. This can not be said of any other indigenous South African Language. Surveys actually concluded that Afrikaans was preferred only second to English as an educational language by learners in South Africa whose mother tongue was not English or Afrikaans. Virtually no preference was given to languages like Zulu, Pedi and Xhosa by these learners.

The preference to English can be understood as English is very much a global language because of its early history of colonisation. Just don’t tell this to the Germans, whose language is not connected to the Nazi’s or the Russians whose language is not connected to communism. Why connect Afrikaans to apartheid when this language already existed during the time that white as well as black South Africans had to be content with the British rule?

All that the “CAN” government shows is a fear for the Afrikaans language and a misplaced belief that if they get rid of the language, they will get rid of the spirit that still keeps this country going, in spite of the ongoing corruption and ridiculous laws imposed by the ANC.

This will not be the first time that Afrikaans was the main target of killing a nation’s will. Through Afrikaans more people of all races are more united than ever before and it will survive this onslaught just as it had previously done.

This bond has come through the arts with black, coloured and white artists, embracing the wonder of Afrikaans on stage with Huisgenoot Skouspel, Aardklop, The National Klein Karoo Arts Festival and all the numerous other local town festivals.

English only succeeded mainly in one place as a cultural festival namely the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. The other indigenous languages are totally absent on this level except for festivals that do not include other tribes than their own and political rallies, preferably on a public holiday.

Through the grapevine I have been informed that the next ridiculous law that is apparently already enforced, states that should you inherit something from your parents, your birth certificate and ID must be shown to show that you are in fact related. The addendum to this will most probably be that you must be accompanied by the deceased if you cannot produce your birth certificate.