Gitta-Martula safe haven for injured

Cara de Bruyn from Gitta-Martula with Tokolosh, from Smashblock, who called them after seeing a tortoise being traumatised by local children.

MAROELASFONTEIN – Gitta-Martula has been open for over a year now, and is extremely happy that they are slowly being recognised by the community as a safe haven for injured and orphaned wild animals in the Thabazimbi area.

They have had many success stories over the last 12 months, their most recent being the release of a juvenile Black Breasted Snake Eagle. This magnificent bird was found on the side of a road and taken to Care Four Paws veterinary clinic where Dr Andrea Farrell examined him. Dr Farrell then called them and asked if they could look after him at the Re-hab Centre.  The eagle had injured his wing and he was with them for four weeks, he settled very quickly and with gentle care and encouragement he was successfully released back into the wild.

They are also extremely pleased at the support which they are receiving from the residents in the informal settlement of ‘Smash Block’  –  Tokolosh, called them when he saw a tortoise being traumatised by some local children, he took the tortoise away from the children and called Gitta-Martula. They were able to collect the tortoise and keep him for a few days to check that he was not injured or too stressed before he was released back into the wild.

It is warthog piglet season again, and Gitta-Martula has three piglets in the Rehab. They were brought in when they were about 4 days old. When they are this tiny they need to be fed little and often, so it was back to the 2-hourly feeding programme. They are doing really well and have the prospect of a long and happy life ahead of them.

Gitta-Martula would like to thank everyone in Thabazimbi who have passed around their name. Do not hesitate to call them, if they can be of assistance, they will collect animals. This is a free service to the animals in this area.