Sun City scam exposed

At least five people have collectively lost over a R100,000 in a suspected scam involving the sale of a timeshare at the Vacation Club in Sun City.

The owner of a unit at the club was advertising the holiday home in December over the internet.

One man, who had bought the timeshare from the owner of the unit had himself been advertising the holiday time in December.

He only later discovered that someone else had been sold a timeshare for the same unit over the same period of time.

Navesh Nagal lost R18000 and said he did not suspect anything, as the Vacation Club had confirmed his booking.

“A week before I was supposed to leave for the holiday, I was sent a lawyers letter stating he cannot fulfill his side of the deal.”

Holiday agent, Tasneem Sadad, lost R65000 when she bought timeshares from the man.

“It is sad to lose the money but calling the people and having to tell them that their accommodation has fallen through, is worse.”

Sun International’s Sue Clerk said the Vacation Club has launched a full scale inquiry.

“The Vacation Club has taken the situation very seriously and there is an investigation underway as we speak.”

The man believed to be behind the scam could not be found.