Darrel and Baby Reef inspires daily

Darrel started his 1000km for Baby Reef on Friday, 27 January, next to him is the principals Mr Koos Venter, Mr Gustav Grobler and Mr Colin Campbell.

THABAZIMBI – The inspirational cyclist from Thabazimbi, Darrel Jennings, started his 1000km Journey for Baby Reef on Friday 27 January 2012.

Community members joined him for a 8km ride to Thabazimbi Golf Club where he bid them farewell. Amongst these riders were school principals, Mr Colin Campbell (HFM), Mr Koos Venter (Thabazimbi Primary) and Mr Gustav Grobler (Koedoeskop Primary) as well as the Pink Ladies and Team Reef.

It was an amazing sight to see as the cyclists rode alongside Darrel for the first few kilometres, supporting this great cause.

On Day 6 Darrel wrote on facebook: “Morning. Well day 6 is here. The time is flying past. I have a 80km ride to Standerton today. If I look at the profile it doesn’t look too bad, a few hills but time will tell. Feel a bit tired this morning, I am sure I will soon wake up. Going over those mountains yesterday I was thinking I won’t stop, I won’t walk and I tried to relate what I was going through to life and a simple lesson popped up that I am sure you have heard this, but life puts hills infront of your path but you climb them some faster than others, but there will come a time that you reach the top of the hill and guess what a nice down hill is waiting for you some not as long as others some might have another hill very soon. But that is life and that is how we handle life. But look at Reef, his life started on a down hill and at 5 months old he started climbing his hill and as soon he was close to the top, the hill got longer. We don’t even realise how much climbing Reef and his family have done. We all have our problems in life but the difference between most of us and Reef is that Reef doesn’t get halfway and give up, he fights hard and works hard and he does this with a great joy and this can only be done by a family that loves and supports him all the way. To many of us, myself included, are willing to give up half way up the hill. Sometimes we need to stop take a long deep breath and then start climbing again, the top will soon come. I thank you Father for letting me cross paths with Reef and his family. Thank you for making me realise that I can climb all hills that comes over my life with the love of You and those around me. Thank you for this awesome journey and for showing me so much about life. Thank you for showing me what loves means to make any family work. Thank you for me being safe on the road. Amen”

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