“The Boer War In Song” –

What in the hell was it for?

As a songwriter/artist/hit maker, John Edmond, needs no introduction. He has done it again! Previous hits, like Toy Train, Pasadena, Jock of the Bushveld to mention but a few……. Now, A first ever to be released a Boer War 18 track CD in song. Written and performed by John Edmond. John and his family lives in the Leeupoort district where he farms and work.

This project took John 4 years to research, write and record. The Boer War has always been an interesting topic for John, but since all his research he has developed a passion for all of this history that has shaped and formed part of all of our lives.

There have been books, poems, paintings and films made about The Boer War and perhaps the odd song. But to our knowledge there has never been a CD with 18 songs written and compiled on this subject. The Boer War in Song covers many aspects of the conflict; The reason for the War, Character of the British and Boer Soldiers, African involvement, The sieges of Kimberley and Elands river, Battles of Berg En Dal and Magersfontein, Controversy of Breaker Morant, Concentration Camps, Romance and Reconciliation to mention but a few topics.

The songs are beautifully recorded with full orchestration and the package contains an attractive booklet with illustrations and lyrics of the songs.

This CD is a compilation of history and days gone by, a must have for all enthusiasts.  A wonderful way to learn about our heritage. It touches all  our lives and going back in history we will all find a link back to our grandparents, great grandparents that somewhere, somehow was touched or implicated by the Boer War!

This Cd will be available at Musicco Bela Bela, Thabazimbi and Ellisras

Check out the web site for detail on ordering this CD! www.johnedmond.co.za

John Edmond Contact details:- ROAN ANTELOPE MUSIC, P.O.Box 85, Leeupoort, 0486. Limpopo Province. South Africa, Tel; +27 (0) 14 735 0774  / 0792061974, Email:- info@johnedmond.co.za