Limpopo to Mangaung united, to take over

Limpopo News Service

Limpopo will go to Mangaung as a united force to take back its pride and rightful place in the ANC of which it was robbed by “the Pretoria government”.

That was the clear message of Mr Julius Malema, suspended President of the ANCYL and Mr Soviet Lekganyane, newly elected provincial secretary of the ANC in Limpopo when they addressed a celebrating gathering after the 7th provincial conference that was held in December. It took place at Mangkweng, Polokwane last Monday attended by many ANC members.

They claimed that the Limpopo government has been colonised by Pretoria “as in the apartheid era but we will continue to provide services to our people.”

“We don’t want much as Limpopo. We only want to beat them at Mangaung, whether it is with ten or one vote, and send them on pension. We must now prepare for another 100 years as well as celebrate our centenary. The ANC must adapt for the new century. We should create jobs, the present government is failing,” Malema said.

Lekganyane lashed out at the national government’s decision to put five departments in Limpopo under national administration. “We don’t have uproar due to bad service delivery like in Mpumalanga, but still they put us under administration. That was a political move before the 7th provincial conference of the ANC of Limpopo.

“But we have defeated them at the conference and now they are nowhere to be seen, they must be hiding somewhere. The national leaders seem not to recognise the performances of Limpopo government departments for which they were rewarded by different institutions, said Lekganyane.

He further stressed that the national leaders have sent the hawks and the public protector to investigate in Limpopo.  “They have come and we have given them the information they requested and they have returned empty handed,” said Lekganyane.

Malema said the national leaders are saying that he will be arrested for corruption, “but they will wait very long as that will never happen”.

During the day the jubilant ANC supporters were singing slogans like “Hands of president Julius Malema, hands of cde. Cassle Mathale”.

The newly elected PEC received overwhelming support from Controlesa and the ANC Women’s League at the meeting.