Five departments under administration

The Democratic Alliance has been reliably been informed that five government departments in Limpopo was placed under administration.  This is a drastic measure taken by Cabinet when a provincial government continuously fails to manage its financial affairs.

These departments are Health and Social Development, Education, Roads and Transport, Public Works and Treasury.  The Democratic Alliance has been consistent in it position that this province must put its financial management above board and that there must be austerity measures put in place when public spending is concerned.

The DA says it is deeply concerned that so many departments are put under administration at once and that even Treasury finds itself under this situation.  Treasury is supposed to be leading the course of financial prudency. The DA previously warned about the spending patterns of the provincial administration.

Firstly the provincial administration has a bad record in awarding tenders. Tenders are given to those with political connections and close allies to the ruling party.  Department of Health is known for this transgression.

This is one province where the premier and his business associates get business from the departments led by Premier Mathale himself. Mr Mathale has shares in many companies which do business with the provincial government and so are many other ANC politicians.

The DA added that calls for austerity measures have been ignored. When this administration took over they warned them about the expensive cars and spending on non essentials such as travelling, hotel accommodation and entertainment.

The hope was expressed that the result of the decision to place these departments under administration will be good governance by reducing money spent on non-essentials and introducing an array of other austerity measures. There will be a direct benefit for the people of Limpopo in that more money will be available for service delivery.