Electricity problems due to overload

THABAZIMBI – The ongoing electricity problems in Thabazimbi appear to be due to the network overloading because of the misuse of electricity by community members.

Mr Jacob Khuabo, Thabazimbi Municipality’s Divisional Head of Electricity, said that people must use their electricity wisely. Switch appliances and aircons off when they are not in use. Aircons must run on 22 degrees celcius and be switched off when the temperature is met.

Upgrades to houses and businesses bring new connections to the network on a daily basis, thus more electricity is needed.

Khuabo said that the Municipality’s main objective is to build a new substation so that the strain on the existing network can be lifted, but in order for this to happen, a network study by a qualified engineer must first be made. This person must then create a 10 year masterplan to identify priorities. Funding for a substation, if it still needs to be build, will then be obtained by the Department of Energy.