Reversing car kills 5-year old

Remofilwe Isabella Mojawesi was killed by a reversing car in Extension 4, Regorogile.

REGOROGILE – Tragedy in the Regorogile Township community, struck yet again, after a 5 year old girl was killed by a reversing car, only weeks after a Gr 1 learner from Ysterberg Primary died after Jaywalking.

Remofilwe Isabella Mojawesi came home from her day at the creche on Tuesday 22 November at 17:00 and went to play outside with the other neighbourhood’s children. About 45 minutes later, her mother heard neighbours screaming and yelling. She ran outside to find her child laying on the ground after being hit by a car.

According to an eye witness, the driver of the Nissan Sentra reversed and lost control of his vehicle at the curve where the children were playing. He hit little Remofilwe as well as a little boy, but instead of stepping on the break, he stepped on the accelerator. The little boy managed to escape with minor injuries, but Remofilwe’s head hit the pavement and was carried underneath the vehicle.

Mr Khlagiso Lesenya, Remofilwe’s father, received a phone call to go to Thabazimbi Hospital. Minutes after Remofilwe was taken to the Hospital, she died due to the severity of her injuries.

A lot of questions were raised by the community as well as the grieving family. According to them, normal accident procedures weren’t followed. Not by the driver and not by the Police. Instead of phoning an ambulance, the driver of the vehicle took Remofilwe to the Hospital himself, perhaps causing more harm than good. Lesenya said that no policemen questioned him or his family regarding the incident, no arrest has been made and the driver’s blood alchohol wasn’t tested after the accident. Police only arrived at the scene of the accident a day after the accident, after Lesenya had to phone them continuously.

Remofilwe was Lesenya’s only child.

Remofilwe Isabella Mojawesi’s funeral will be held on Saturday in Regorogile.

Pastor Joseph Kock from the Elpis Ministries and his congregation, together with the community of Thabazimbi and Regorogile wishes to extend their condolences to little Remofilwe’s family.