Extension 5 citizen dies due to lack of water

After reading Die Kwêvoël’s article about the shortage of water in Extension 5 in last week’s edition, we would like to submit the following letter:

Matlala Stephina Mathuba (64), born 1947, past away on Sunday 13 November while she was going to fetch water at TPA because there was no water at Extension 5, Regorogile. The water at her property was cut off since May because of an arrear account of over R5000 although she was a pensioner and was entitled to free water.

We, as concerned citizens of Extension 5 and family, need to know who is responsible for this, according to the medical report, she suffered high blood pressure and complications due to the strenuous walk to get water. Her funeral will take place on Saturday 19 November 2011.

Elizabeth Mathuba (daughter)