Council official denies tender allegation

Firstly as the Thabazimbi Local Municipality, we want to put on record that we are not going to take decisions based on news paper reports. The rule of “audi alteram partem” (Latin phrase meaning: Hear the other side)must also be observed.

It was also reported in the Star Newspaper that we have appointed a contract without following correct tender Procedures, which is not correct. For the two projects that were mentioned in the Star Newspaper of the 31 October 2011, Motlhomi Construction was sub-contracted to supply Paving bricks. There were two main contractors that were appointed for this paving Projects and other sub-contractors.

We also want to put it on record that the Hawks, Polokwane office are investigating this case and they have requested information from the Municipality which we have handed over to them. Let’s give them a chance to conduct an investigation and they will report to the Municipality. There was also a motion from the Democratic Alliance about this matter and the Speaker of the council have already replied, to the motion and it will be finalized in the next council Meeting which will take place in November 2011.

In conclusion we would like to appeal to our news paper that if there is an issue that affects Council they must write to us and we will also reply in writing just to avoid litigations.

Thabazimbi Municipality