Citizens denied help although money is available

“It is sad that people struggle to get proper health care when the Department’s budget has high amounts of residues”, says Me Desiree van der Walt (MPL) of the Democratic Alliance.

In a Media release the Democratic Alliance said that it is shocked to learn that the Department of Health had a residue of R3 billion out of a total budget of R10 billion in the 2010/11 financial year. This is happening when considerable number of people in Limpopo are failing to access proper health care, and a number of Non Profit Organisations are also battling to get the much needed funding from this Department.

This state of affairs was revealed in a response to a Democratic Alliance parliamentary question put to the Department of Health. The sad fact is that our office is inundated by requests for help from a number of NPOs who are battling to get funding from the department.  These are the organizations which help vulnerable orphans, people living with HIV and our elderly. For these people it is simply inexplicable that the programme of NPO in the Department’s budget will have a residue of R79 million out of the budget of R233 million in the financial year under review.

Other programmes also show very high amounts of residues, for instance:

The budget for Building and other fixed structures was over R819 million and the residue was R355, 5 million.

The budget for Machinery and Equipment was R203 million, and only R114 million was spent, leaving the residue of R89 million.

Compensation of employees had the budget of R 6 billion and had over R1 billion as a residue.

When a Department such Health has a considerable high figures of residue from its budget, it means people are denied access to their most basic of human rights when the money is there to help them.

Van der Walt says that she will be writing to the MEC of Health, Ms. Magadzi to ask her what steps is she going to take to ensure that the budget is spent in its entirety or that budget residues are kept to the very low minimum.