A huge step back

25 November 2011

The ANC took a huge step backwards for mankind into the dark-dark ages of Africa when they forced the secrecy law on state security through parliament on Tuesday. This was truly a black Tuesday for South Africa in terms of freedom of speech and association of its citizens.

It is most ironic that the same people that fought against media censorship which prevailed during their struggle against apartheid, are the same people who have reintroduced this same type of censorship by taking control of what the media may and may not report.

No wonder that president Zuma has reopened the investigation regarding the weapons deal where a number of politicians, including Zuma, were named as beneficiaries who received bribes from the suppliers of this equipment. All he has to do now is to sign the law and refuse referral to the Constitutional Court. This action will probably be followed by disassembling the constitutional court and sending the world’s finest constitution down the drain. This would mean that all information regarding the weapons transaction can be classified as highly secret and all the accused will be untouchable.

We shall re-enter the stage where people that differ from the government will be thrown into prison and even the death penalty might be re-instated to get rid of any opposition that might try to overpower the mighty ANC. It was already stated that God was present when the ANC was born and that they will be in power until Jesus returns to take them to heaven. This very statement was part of the brainwashing technique of the old NP Party since its inception and most white people grew up with this perception, although not everybody was allowed to enter heaven. Even though they brought Christ to the black people in Africa who prayed to their forefathers, it did not work for them.

There are very few secrets about South Africa that should be kept. These include the fact that Zimbabwe’s air force might even be able to invade South Africa, because South Africa does not have money to train pilots or keep the aircraft, that was bought for billions, airborne. Other secrets might include that South Africa is one of the drug highways to the rest of the world or that South Africa has the highest percentage of HIV infected citizens or that our education sucks even though we have the highest budget allocated to education in Africa.

The only information I could think that the ANC would like to keep away from the media is the high level of corruption and the fact that most of the jobs required to maintain the infra structure in South Africa are allocated to incompetent ANC supporters who are not qualified for their tasks. The billions that are spent on advisors to cover this up will now forever be kept a state secret.