Remarkable students at TCS

Tshego Khunou and Christell Moolman from TCS participated in the All Africa Student Convention which was held in Bloemfontein in October.

THABAZIMBI – Two extraordinary learners from Thabazimbi Christian School, Tshego Khunou and Christell Moolman, set out with incredible determination to participate in the All Africa Student Convention from 2 to 7 October at the University of Free State in Bloemfontein. Tshego entered for 12 events, namely C P&W Dance Small Group, C P&W Dance Solo, Essay Writing, Female Solo Song, Formals (2nd place), Girls 100 Meter Dash (9th place), Girls 200M Dash (4th place), Golden Apple Award – Revelations (1st place), Oratory, Poetry writing, Power point (linear) and Sketching. Tsego’s big achievement was to memorise the entire book of Proverbs from the King James Bible, which earned her the Golden Apple award. This, together with her placing in the 200M sprint event, earned her the nomination to attend, together with other students from different parts of the world, the International Student Convention in America. The local Conventions, attended by about 2000 students from all over Africa and Scandinavia, are part of the Student development program which has been developed by the ACE group of schools for the holistic development of their top achieving students. Successful participation here puts the students in line for the selection to attend the International event. Christell Moolman entered for Photography (9th place), Golden Lam (first place), Powerpoint (third place), Monologue (7th place), Quilting (4th place) and Dancing Solo (6th place).