BE AWARE – Series of house robberies around Vaalwater

A Natura Gold Coin pendant with diamonds on gold chain was stolen during last Friday’s house robbery near Vaalwater.

VAALWATER – The public and farm community along the new Lephalale road needs to be cautious due to a series of break-ins within the recent months. The latest break-in took place on Friday night 21 October.

The modus operandi seems similar in most cases whereby the thief/thieves come during the night and are on foot. They seem well informed about the targeted properties and movements of the relevant residents but also don’t hesitate to enter homes while residents are sleeping. Thieves gain entry through windows and are searching for items which are lightweight but high in value such as laptops, jewellery, cash, possibly weapons as well as food!  Documents and other uninteresting things get dumped in the bush.

In Friday night’s incident, a residence around 20km’s from Vaalwater was burgled at around midnight while residents were out. Fences were cut to gain entry into the property and dogs did not deter the intruders. A small pane wooden window was forcefully opened and the burglar bars bent. The entire house was systematically searched and amongst other things a small safe was taken containing cash, jewellery and passports. A few thousand Euros, some US$, Botswana Pula, a collection of German D-Mark and other older European currency was amongst the stolen cash.

The community are asked to assist with the following: Please report if anyone is offering Euros or other international currency for exchange; please report if anyone is trying to sell pieces of jewellery; don’t buy foreign currency or jewellery from strangers or suspicious people, remember you are creating a market and fuelling the criminal industry. Any leads can be reported anonymously and in form of a message to the following cell phone number 073 127 7828.

A reward will be paid for the return of goods or cash as well as for leads leading to the arrest of the suspects.

Please report if you recognize anybody selling or suddenly wearing any of these noticeable items: Natura Gold Coin pendant with diamonds on gold chain – Big 5 picture dated ±1996; Kruger Rand Coin pendant with diamonds on gold chain – dated ±1995; Gold Ring with diamonds and blue stone; Antique silver ring with Aquamarine stone + silver pendant with Aquamarine stone ; Silver twisted bangle with gold and pearl ends; Plain wedding band gold; Antique gold wedding band with 3 diamonds; 2x white gold wedding bands; Various silver jewellery, some engraved with names and dates; Silver earrings in the shape of “African Huts”; Set of gold earrings with light green stone and matching pendant. Other unusual items which could be a lead to the culprits are: 3x golden “bling” brooches: Lady with hat walking, bunny with crystals, cat in basket and a memory stick in the shape of a “Bar of Gold”.