Baboons in residential area

THABAZIMBI – Reports of baboons entering the residential area in Thabazimbi have been flooding the local Nature Conservation office. On Friday 7 October a baboon jumped over a fence to grab a family dog. The dog wasn’t hurt and returned later that same day.

Mr Anton de Bruyn of NSPCA, wrote the following article regarding that specific incident.

Baboons will enter a residential area for different reasons ie: they have been chased from their normal area by another troop of Baboons, inquisitiveness or lack of food. When chased from area by another troop – Nature Conservation can assist. When they are inquisitiveness – humans must chase them by means of noise, swinging a short length of hose pipe around your head, sound can scare and chase them, squirting them with water and Nature Conservation can assist.

Primates do not see human females as a threat as they are considered to be of the weaker sex and care givers. Human males must do the scaring or chasing with plenty of noise etc.

When they enter the area due to a lack of food – all refuse bins at homes, hospitals, schools, restaurants etc must be closed in such a manner to prevent the baboons getting in for an easy snack, this is also a tip for feral cat problems.

People must not provide food for them to eat or encourage them in any way.

These Baboons are wild animals and they will hurt your pets, small children and even if cornered adults.

Under no circumstances must these baboons be hurt by any means as the guilty party/s can be prosecuted under the Animals Protection Act no 71 of 1962.

Contact the local Nature Conservation office on 014 777 1539.